What’s Love Got To Do With It ❤️

Ok so what’s love got to do with ? We don’t believe what the song says, it’s not just a secondhand emotion. ❤️ You either love a piece or you don’t but how many of us have been out shopping with a friend and they pick up a dress or pance and say these would be lovely on you and you think oh god know, but they persuade you to try them on anyway and you just can’t believe how well it looks. Ok I realise furniture pieces are somewhat bigger in size but the same principle applies here just remember we are dressing a bigger space, you just need to hone into what that space needs. 👌😀

That’s why sometimes shopping with a friend who is aware of the area you want to purchase the item for is a good idea. I suggest you measure the exact area where you want to put the piece, because we know you don’t want something to big but believe me you don’t want something that’s to small either. If there is something already standing in the area I would suggest you first take a picture of the space with the item and then without, also try and take pictures of the whole length then the width of the room and of course the colour schemes you have going on. 🏡

Again as I have suggested before one wow piece is fine depending on the size of the room if it’s a room full of dark woods maybe add a piece of colour or vice versa it works everytime. But if it’s a living room will have to coordinate colour scheme to match your settees etc, I find if you use a darker or lighter colour tone of the living room chairs, settee etc,,,🎨

I love Vintage especially the 70’s but I don’t think I would like to decorate a whole house to it but an apartment would lend itself well to it or maybe a house that is very modern with a more open plan design. If you are good with craft and design you could fill such a space reasonable enough. The hardest job is sourcing what you need but if you have a good Antique n Vintage store near by they are your first port of call if they have what you want talk to them tell them what you are looking preferable show them pictures and give them your colour scheme same as before and you can’t go wrong. 

I always say ‘Taste to each there own’ having learnt the hard way from pieces I have bough and then totally disliked😀 it would be an awful sad place if we all choose to buy the same things as each of us has our own personalities so to should our furnishings don’t you think. 😕 

The home office can really have that old library look for the lady or gent. There is a huge amount of pieces you can use for either the small or large room. With such a variety of desks or buerue’s to choose from book shelves, station/writing boxes library chairs.


             Bathrooms can also look great with old vintage sideboards and old antique shaving mirrors.        But we also sell a lot of the antique and vintage decanters beautiful for your bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner etc, it gives a luxury feel to your bath routine. Maybe add some jugs for lavender or fresh flowers and add a few candle sticks and maybe add a antique letter box to hold your hair clips and ties or an old antique shaving mirror etc,,, so you see every room in the house can  have that classy look.🛀


Bedrooms can also have that luxury feel by just adding some vintage throws, patchworks, kanthas or a antique or vintage bears some nice silver cloths brushes some lace throws rocking chairs are always a nice touch😴


               Well that’s it for now ladies and gents we’ll catch up again soon any questions or if you’d like to share your ideas we’d love to hear them so feel free to comment… 😊

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The Wonders Of The Web

Well I think a lot of you know we also sell direct from our store page on Facebook. So that last week has been quite busy pricing every stock piece we have, before we leaving for holidays in Furteventura in the Canaries for a week. So I hope you won’t miss us to much. 😉 but to be honest I’m so not looking forward to it.;(

For any of you wanting to call to the store you can do so, we are leaving our main man in charge and he’ll take care of the store. But any thing that goes through our Facebook page store I will be dealing with direct from my sun lounger I hope. I’ll still be taking care of the page and our products and relaying any deliveries to our man in charge. So no worries I just hope we have a store to come home too. 🙂 but no really the man of the house has more then enough experience in retail to get by. 🙂

No really I have to admit I am so not looking forward to this trip. Having to be hauled up the steps on a skinny Plint and hoisted into my seat is a nightmare and it’s at this point I just want to go home ;(

Anyway some of you may be unaware that we also sell some really cool handbags, we also have a fantastic selection of Paul Marius Vintage buffalo leather bags, idea for the new student the bags will fit everything from your laptop to your a4 folders. There bags are from a French designer and are excellent value. I have never seen such tailored pieces. Also It would be a really lovely gift for Father’s Day.
And the bigs sell from €89 + €14 postage and the messenger bags are €99.95 plus €14 postage or call in and buy from direct from our store.

Our customers have very kindly gotten behind us and have been encouraging us to cater for something for everyone and we are really hoping that we do.
But even new products have to have that vintage retro look and feel to it. 🙂

We had a lot of small delivery’s this week, from our jewellery to our beautiful silk shawls, rag dolls, our beautiful oilcloth messenger bags and of course the beautiful Red Tote bag by London Access.
With post going out to Meath, Cork Dublin and Tipp, thank you all for your custom we really do appreciate it. 🙂

We’d like to do something special for an official opening if anyone has any ideas we ‘d very much like to hear them. We had thought we’d have a tea by the sea party what do you think ?
I’ll Leave you to think on it and I will leave you with some pic’s of what’s to come. I just know you will love them all 🙂

We have sent out parcels to Tipp, Dublin, Cork , Meath20140609-234110-85270361.jpg20140609-234110-85270639.jpg20140609-234110-85270887.jpg