What’s Love Got To Do With It ❤️

Ok so what’s love got to do with ? We don’t believe what the song says, it’s not just a secondhand emotion. ❤️ You either love a piece or you don’t but how many of us have been out shopping with a friend and they pick up a dress or pance and say these would be lovely on you and you think oh god know, but they persuade you to try them on anyway and you just can’t believe how well it looks. Ok I realise furniture pieces are somewhat bigger in size but the same principle applies here just remember we are dressing a bigger space, you just need to hone into what that space needs. 👌😀

That’s why sometimes shopping with a friend who is aware of the area you want to purchase the item for is a good idea. I suggest you measure the exact area where you want to put the piece, because we know you don’t want something to big but believe me you don’t want something that’s to small either. If there is something already standing in the area I would suggest you first take a picture of the space with the item and then without, also try and take pictures of the whole length then the width of the room and of course the colour schemes you have going on. 🏡

Again as I have suggested before one wow piece is fine depending on the size of the room if it’s a room full of dark woods maybe add a piece of colour or vice versa it works everytime. But if it’s a living room will have to coordinate colour scheme to match your settees etc, I find if you use a darker or lighter colour tone of the living room chairs, settee etc,,,🎨

I love Vintage especially the 70’s but I don’t think I would like to decorate a whole house to it but an apartment would lend itself well to it or maybe a house that is very modern with a more open plan design. If you are good with craft and design you could fill such a space reasonable enough. The hardest job is sourcing what you need but if you have a good Antique n Vintage store near by they are your first port of call if they have what you want talk to them tell them what you are looking preferable show them pictures and give them your colour scheme same as before and you can’t go wrong. 

I always say ‘Taste to each there own’ having learnt the hard way from pieces I have bough and then totally disliked😀 it would be an awful sad place if we all choose to buy the same things as each of us has our own personalities so to should our furnishings don’t you think. 😕 

The home office can really have that old library look for the lady or gent. There is a huge amount of pieces you can use for either the small or large room. With such a variety of desks or buerue’s to choose from book shelves, station/writing boxes library chairs.


             Bathrooms can also look great with old vintage sideboards and old antique shaving mirrors.        But we also sell a lot of the antique and vintage decanters beautiful for your bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner etc, it gives a luxury feel to your bath routine. Maybe add some jugs for lavender or fresh flowers and add a few candle sticks and maybe add a antique letter box to hold your hair clips and ties or an old antique shaving mirror etc,,, so you see every room in the house can  have that classy look.🛀


Bedrooms can also have that luxury feel by just adding some vintage throws, patchworks, kanthas or a antique or vintage bears some nice silver cloths brushes some lace throws rocking chairs are always a nice touch😴


               Well that’s it for now ladies and gents we’ll catch up again soon any questions or if you’d like to share your ideas we’d love to hear them so feel free to comment… 😊

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Creating A Room with Antique or/and Vintage On Budget!

My Creating a Room with Antique or/and Vintage Furniture on Budget. Can it be done? Well  yes of course it can, depending on the budget and how realistic you are. Of course the bigger the budget the better chance of finding the pieces you really want in your room. But sometimes that is the hardest part, finding those very pieces. Be it a Library, Living room, Dining room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom or Study. 

So what kind of room would you like to create and for what kind of budget? Well let’s say you have a room 15f by 15f which is a nice size room, would you like it to be just a living space or also one that incorporates a study/work space? So how much do you want to spend on each piece? What are the most important pieces you want in this room? Do you want just antique or maybe just vintage or would you like to combine both? Would you be open to a reproduction piece if chances of finding what you really want are way beyond your budget? And would shabby chic pieces be an option? 

Ok so let’s say we are working with a small tight budget, we have to be very realistic here we may find what you want but it needs a bit of work to bring it back to life are you prepared to put in some work for the pieces you so covet? So I guess it would be fair to say such a piece would not be Mint (a word I personally hate)  I myself like to see signs of a previous life other wise I feel it’s a little bit pointless and I might as well have dropped into that flat pack store!!! And know I don’t mean falling a part at the seems but in all honesty that’s do able to if you have the time and patience something I lack 😀

For me it’s all about the history of a piece, I wonder who might have sat in that Windsor Chair or who sat at the Friars table or maybe what Jewels did that dressing chest once hold. I do appreciate that some people invest heavally on pieces that are outstanding and build collections more for portfolios rather than usage and how it preserves them for future generations, but personally that’s not for me. But that’s not to say, if giving a budget we won’t try our hardest to find the finest pieces the budget can buy, so we can achieve what the client wants and that is after all the most important aspect of the job and the budget too of course.

However and I know I have mentioned this before in a previous blog or two, but sometimes it really only takes one great piece to add great value to any room. Like the dining room, you might just focus on an antique table or in the bedroom maybe a vintage dressing chest and so on,,,

The other thing I so love to do which always works is to add a splash of colour with dark wood or a really nice dark statement piece in between a room full of colour. It’s like a piece we have in the Cabin at the minute, a beautiful duck egg blue shabby chic’ed mirrored chest. It’s the one piece that draws people in and the piece that is always admired, as it is settled in between a collection of dark woods.

Shabby chic is almost a dirty word to the purest, again on a personal level I love it but only if it’s done really really well and we are lucky to have a lady with a dab hand at recreating beauty either it be antique or vintage pieces. 

The next thing your room requires is the glue that brings it all together. Ceramics, glass, mirrors, crystal, silver, marble, art, material etc, so finding those pieces that reflect who you are, what your history and future is is vitally important, these are pieces your grandchildren will remember fondly in many years to come.😀

The Shabby Shik Emporium Cabin contains all of the about and that is what we profess to be an Emporium. We’d like it all to be the real deal but sometimes we have to be realistic and work with the budget we have, after all there is nothing to say you can’t replace each piece there after. We have added a little video below of the Cabin be sure to look out for my Oscar for worst camera work ever as you look around, in my defence it is pretty difficult to do while trying to propel yourself along in your wheelchair 😀


So if you want that room to materialise into reality please do come along and see us the only thing you pay for is the furniture and the glue ☺️ that binds it all together. 

But please do note we are not painters or curtain makers!  Once you have that sorted then we are just room dressers 😉 

Well that’s all for this week we’ll catch up again in a week or two. You know where to find us if you want us.

Shabby Shik Emporium Ardfert/Ballyheigue Kerry 

Find us on our Facebook page for up to date pictures of our newest pieces in or on our discount weekends… xx

Life at Shabby Shik Emporium

Well it’s been a pretty good merry go round since we started out here last June 2014 as Shabby Shik Emporium.

There has of course been good weeks and very bad weeks but for the love of what we do it is worth it.

We’ve had some good finds and some rubbish finds, some of the pieces we could put right and others we just had to take a hit on the chin and try not let all the tears smarten down to fast.

We have all heard the saying, “the customer is always right” well sadly that’s not always the case. But where would we be without them.!!

What I can tell you is, since the day we opened our doors the real customers that we started out with have come back time and time again that in itself says we can only be doing something right.

The other thing I found is that things come in and I say Oh My God what have I done, but I put them out into the cabin (or the cabinet as our little neighbour calls it) 😇 and think I’ll just stick them in a corner but before I know those are the pieces that have all sold. So it’s true there is something for everyone it may not be my taste but chances are it is someone else’s.

We’ve bought in some pieces which have been disappointing in the sales department, Hand Made Jewellery which is absolutely beautiful and Vintage dress’s and gowns and both have bombed. There is nothing wrong with the those pieces but the customers maybe rightly would rather spend their money on an antique or vintage piece of Glass, Ceramic or Furniture piece.

Oh well It’s a lesson not to be repeated right off 😪 ! trying to run before we can walk. But in saying that, ok so it’s not for now, but who knows trends change maybe we could try either of them again at a later stage.






So what has been our best buys !
Well our Special Christy Yashor bears, but how could anyone resist these beautiful guy and girls Bears. Made from Vintage and Antique Fabrics and Lace They are an heirloom of the future that’s for sure.🐻



Some of the pieces I personally
have loved are the Victorian Writing/Stationary Boxs, because these really appeal to me and are something that I have a great affinity for. Both my favourites were sold as soon as they landed on the counter.😄










In the furniture, my two favourite pieces have been a beautiful Victorian Queen Anne Walnut bow fronted writing desk, a truly beautiful piece.

The second is a Victorian, Mahogany Ladies/work desk it has the most beautiful mother of pearl
inlay design worked into the drawer fronts. It comes with a Beautiful Victorian Spoon back Leather seated chair. This one would make a fantastic Valentines gift! It’s a treasure a piece and if taken care of should yield the initial investment and some.





Some of the other great pieces we have been blessed to find are our
Paul Marius French Vintage Leather Satchel and Hand bags. 👜👝👛💛
They have now been shipped up and down and all over this country.
Being snatched up by students, teachers, professors, doctors , vets and more.
Be sure to look out for some of there new designs in the next few weeks.









We also have some really really great Mirrors. Here are some from our collection they are from different periods and styles. The Vintage Trio Hand Painted Mirror is another excellent piece.







And our pieces of Shabby Chic which I love they are such a collective mix ! And mixed with the right brown furniture it can throw a whole new light into a room.
We have dressing chests, Library Chairs, Chest of Drawers, Display cabinets and much more the list is endless. So Please do Pop in if only for a quick look around we’d love to see you.







And last but not least we have some beautiful glass and ceramic collections
There are Tea sets, Tea and Coffee Sets, Dinner Services, Water Jugs original pottery pieces and figurines and some from a local pottery pieces to.

We’d like your help if you could!
We would like you to tell us what Antique, Vintage or Unique pieces
you are looking for and just maybe can’t find having searched everywhere.
So if you could please email it to us here at shabbyshikemporium@gmail.com
We’ll see if we can maybe come up with something.










There is just one other piece I would like to share with you. When our good customer Mary came in and saw this beautiful Edwardian Sewing box, that was it she just had to have it. The Edwardian box itself is just beautiful with a fabulous boxwood inlay set into rosewood, inside the box is lined with a Blue Silver Silk and cushioned. The padded top tray is in great condition with its pin box set under its velvet pad.
So Mary did a hit and run before I changed my mind and who could blame her. 😀






So here’s one last piece to leave you with, this Beautiful French Oak Art Novae Side table ideal for storing your albums books as a very good photographer pointed out, or magazines etc, and at a ver reasonably priced of €195…




<img src="https://jeanne65.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/img_4607.jpg" alt="IMG_4607" class="alignnone size-fu

We also now and again buy in personal pieces from our customers but only pieces that we may feel would be suitable for our store, and sometimes it all comes down to money. We are also limited on space so it would also come down to size too. But we will certainly do our best to have a look and see what we can do😄

Ok thank you be sure and keep a look out for next weeks blog.
And check out what new stock we have on the way😊

Ness n Jean

Shabby Shik Emporium
Lower Ballymacquin
Adrfert / Ballyheigue
Co Kerry


Grand Opening On Hold But Not For Long !!!

Well folks I do what I usually do, kill myself pulling and dragging what I shouldn’t and then end up on the flat of my back which is exactly what happened on Friday after going at it like a mad woman all week. 😀 !!!

But still it turned out to be great weekend weather wise and and store wise even though apart from advertising on Facebook to say we were opening we didn’t do anymore then hang the beach toys outside the door. This was enough to have a few people wondering in good for us.

Of course we had painters in painting the outside of our property, which after 8 years standing naked to the world was not before time 🙂 !!!
I would add a pic but I’d need to be on the other side of the road before I could do that. Sadly the painter needs to come back again because we ran out of paint for the top coat on the reveres and tops of the outside walls and when hubby went to woodies they were all out. So this now means another days work to finish it off.

My little fury friends our cats arrived down this weekend to and had a taste of freedom outside which was good for them. It’s not possible to let them out in Limerick as the road up there is crazy busy. And we have lost many of our little friends up there so it was purely out of safety we kept them inside. I am just hoping they won’t wonder to far off the beating track here. The road can also be busy but at least here they have over an acre to wonder around before the reach the road. I have to admit I was worried but in fairness they are taking it easy they are not wondering to far let’s hope it stays like that. 🙂 !!!

Well the store came together it’s good the girls didn’t get here until Saturday but the man of the house did some Stirling work for which I am very grateful and Ness got stuck into it today with the pricing which can be very time consuming as everything and I mean everything had to be not just priced but coded and logged.

Our eldest daughter had her second exhibition this weekend and even though they weren’ to far away she opted to stay over there with the other exhibitors to lend her support. Which I think was very good of her.

So schools out for the summer well at least for the secondary schools. But exams start on Wednesday and to everyone one of you sitting these exams please try not to stress, do what you can yes, give it your best shot yes, as you finish each paper that’s it it’s done don’t look back that papers it’s over just head on to the next and apply the same principle here. I wish each and everyone of you the very best wish’s and I know a very smart young teacher who says, you’ll get whatever or wherever is meant to be for you and she is so right.
There is nothing to say you can’t try again it’s never the end of the road. And I know now from experience she is so right she so is, how she got so wise I don’t know but I do know the knowledge she imparts to her students will stand them the test of time and I love her for it.

Well guys my week as you have just read was very sedate in comparison to last week.
I’ll leave you with a few pic’s of the store which I had taken on Friday there have been a few changes already well you know yourself, you move the piece to fifty different other places before putting it back where you had it in the first place 🙂

Cheers folks we’ll catch up again next week.20140602-205501-75301091.jpg