Summers End πŸ’›πŸ”†πŸ”…

Well it’s that time of year again the holidays are almost over mums and dads are rushing around getting ready for the new school term and it’s at this stage that mum is thinking of her next home project and believe me there is always one if not two rooms on the agenda. It may not be a full make over just some of the old pieces that need to be replaced. But if it’s an overal job I suggest you use a mood board the first thing is the paint or paper needed for your interior walls, pin the colour and paper design on to your board and take it with you when you head out checking for blinds or Curtain Matieral etc, it will give you a better idea when choosing the new furnishings. 🎨

A lot of you know my feelings about mix and matching dark wood with colour. If you are doing the room with a lot of dark wood then make your statement piece a coulourful WoW piece it won’t let you down.  The same applies if you are going to use shabby chic, brighter colourful woods, you just have to find that dark  wow centrepiece. 
We all love a new piece of furniture to add new life to a room, but new doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be new never used before, using an antique or vintage or even up-cycled  pieces will probably last you a lot longer then some of the pieces made today. But that’s not to say all furniture made today isn’t of good quality, but it can be costly. But to recycle ♻️ is good for the environment and you end up with a piece of history that just got a makeover, also it is something you can do yourself if you have the mind to. I have a mind to ! but let me tell you I do struggle with it. 

This piece was really looking sad and wore out when we recused  it, it is a beautiful Old French Oak Sideboard painted in our mix, Navy Black and then we just sanded buffed and polished the top to give an added texture to the piece, we also replaced the hardware because the originals were to damaged. 


The piece above went off to a new home and we replaced it with this beautiful Victorian Dresser

Here at Shabby Shik Emporium we are very fortunate to have found 4 very talented designers that work with us, we have pieces that we have commitioned either by Alex Designs or Sylvia’s Up~Cycled and by  Designes by Carol we also have smaller pieces by the Lovely ladies at Crafty Closet. So it’s a real cottage industry going on here at the moment, I love to send a battered old piece off to have its magic done and then I can hardly wait for it to come back. πŸ˜€ 

These Chairs are due back from Alex Designes tomorrow and I am just dying to see the transformation,  you will be able to check them out tomorrow on our Facebook page or look out for them later in this blog.

You also can find several of our Advert’s on the Donedeal website if you want to keep up to date on what is in stock. If I can suggest two things here! First: If there is a piece you really like, that you found either on our Facebook page, Donedeal or our blog please just pick up the phone and give us a call or PM us on Facebook or donedeal to check the piece is still here for sale so you don’t have a disappointed journey especially as a lot of our clients travel some distance up and the country. Second: if you haven’t called in advance about a piece you like and you don’t see it in the Cabin just ask as it is very possible it is stored in the house…πŸ˜€

We have been asked several times if we ever intend to have a Sale and we do and we have.  We always put a notice on Facebook of when we intend to have a sale and will post a reminder maybe 2 days pryer too, we also post it on Donedeal. All our sales are genuine flash sales they are today’s piece that are in the Cabin and the Sale will either run from Monday to Friday or from Friday to Sunday and usually with 10% to 20% Off Brown or Shabby Chic Furniture or sometimes both.  

We may have have a free shipping sale for our Paul Marius bags and satchels, we are bound to the price of the bags. So know matter what store you buy a Paul Marius Bag in it will cost the same…

You will find us on the R551 from Tralee to Ballyheigue and through Ardfert on to the Kilmoyle Cross & Ballyheigue sign post staying on the road to Ballyheigue you come into a straight Stretch of road and we are about 200 yards up the road on the right hand side. 

Ok well remember the chairs I showed you earlier well here they are after their transformation.  So let us know what you think?   
  And here are just some of our new Autumn pieces of Shabby Chic.






 Chairs are our biggest sellers here at Shabby Shik Emporium and we have a beautiful collection in at the minute with something for everyone.

Whether it is dark woods or bright Shabby Chic colours, Living-room, Dining, Occasional, Bedroom or Hall Chairs. We hopefully have something for everyone and if it’s not here please just ask and we’ll do our very best to find what you are looking for.













 We also have some lovely ceramics and glass in  Beautiful crystal decanters which are fabulous to use in your bathroom for your Bubble bath or shampoos etc, or maybe for decanting your bottle of wine for a party. 🍷




    The ceramics range from Tea Sets to Dinner Ware or Water Jugs and Figurines


This is one of my most favourite pieces, Mother and baby, a Doulton piece it is just so beautiful and would make a fabulous gift for any new mother, or either as a christening or Baptism gift…

Our Christy Yashur Bears are another favourite and are the ideal gift for a baby shower, christening or baptism. The bears are all made from Vintage Fabrics and Lace and for both boys and girls.  πŸ»


As we head into the Autumn and kids and teachers are heading back to School or College they want to look smart and who can blame them, didn’t we allπŸ˜€ Well with our French Vintage Leather Bags and Satchels by Paul Marius you just can’t go wrong…πŸ’ΌπŸ‘œπŸŽ’








 Please note these bags and satchels are made from real vintage leather and the bags seems and buckles are guaranteed for 12 months after purchase.
Remember if you don’t see what you have in mind just ask and we will do all in our power to find that piece you have been looking for…

You can find us on the main R551 from Tralee to Ardfert then on to Ballyheigue we are on the main road about a mile before the village on your right hand side. 

There is a signpost across the gate and we open Monday’s and out of hours by appointment and Tuesdays to Sunday’s 12 to 6pm 

You can contact us by phoneπŸ“žβ˜ŽοΈ (00353) 0876295742

Or Email us at


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