Our Thanks You Have Shared πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŒπŸ’—!

Oh what a few weeks, it has been busy  which is great but what’s really really great are our customers that come back time and time again.

Thank you guys you all know who you are πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ’—but we just want to say thank you for the wonderful support over the last few months.  You made the last year talking to us, and telling us what you had been searching for and how finding it here at Shabby Shik Emporium was such a surpriseπŸ˜€πŸ‘ This made our Job so worth while and over 90% percent of the time we got it right, and you the customer made us feel like we got it exactly right. Even now looking back at the  pervious blog pic’s so many of the pieces are gone or waiting to go. And then there is the excitement of the new pieces coming in I just can’t wait to get in to the cabin so we can shift and move the those pieces around. Here is just one shot of the before and after this week it’s funny but we call that slot short term parking because nothing stays to long there before someone comes calling and off they go with that piece again.πŸ˜€


Shabby Shik Emporium

Beautiful Elegant Ladies Pine Dresser

Shabby Shik Emporium

Duck Egg Blue Dressing Chest

So a lovely lady took off with the lovely pine dresser (her birthday present which I hope she is enjoying!) and finally this beautiful Art Deco piece got to fill its place. It really is important to get the right space for each piece so you can see it at its very best. Sometimes you have to look beyond how we have dressed each piece and imagine it in its own space, the space you have pictured in your mind, it’s one of the things I get a bit freaked out by,  you see in this line of business we have to cater for those that either just like ceramic’s or glass or mirrors or dark woods, pines or shabby chic pieces and then there are those like me who just love it all, but if you have read my other blogs you’ll know my feelings on how to dress a room to maximise the wow factor. So in there lays the problem our work space doesn’t allow us any free space at all. So we try to do the next best thing and that is to dress each piece as you might do yourself and then some. 😰

πŸ’—Since our last post we have been fitting in as many of our new pieces as possible.  A lot of the new pieces going in at the minute are rustic “Shabby Chic” be it antique, vintage or reproduction pieces that have been giving a new lease of life, which for me and the environment in general is not just a good thing it is a great thing. You see regardless of the paint work it is whats underneath that counts be it a chair, a desk etc, the piece might be a hundred years old or more, and chances are it will last for another hundred years or more. Here are some of those pieces that I hope you will like.


Edwardian Library Chairs

A Beautiful Pair of Edwardian Library Chairs in Duck Egg Blue & Laura Ashley Fabric Seats

1930's Hall Mirror

1930’s Hall Mirror in Ivory White

Vintage Wine Table

A Beautiful Little Wine Table in Ivory White and Gold Trim on the Legs

A Vintage White Ocassional Table

A Beautiful Vintage Ivory White Ocassional Table with a mix of Stools in beautiful fabric Seats

Ottoman or Ladies Dressing Chair in Ivory White

This dressing Chair is in Ivory White with Vintage Fabric with the words “Love is enough” in the fabric design

A Vintage Bedroom Chair

A Beautiful Bedroom Chair in Vintage Mint Beige with a New Floral Patterned Seat

A French Oak Sideboard in Navy Black

This Vintage French Oak Sideboard in Navy Black and Polished Oak Top set here with a Large Walnut Framed Mirror

A Vintage Bedroom Chair

This is a Beautiful Vintage Bedroom Chair in Ivory White and Fabric Design “Love is enough” in the pattern

1930's Dining Set

1930’s Dining Table and Chairs in Dove Grey and with new Fabric seats on the chairs

Edwardian Bedroom Chair

An Edwardian Bedroom Chair with a new reupholster seat

Dining Chairs with new reupholster seats

Dining Chairs with Vintage fabric

Soft dove grey side table

A beautiful Dove Grey with Artistic Designed Table Top

Rocking Chair

A Fabulous Slat Back Rocking Chair

Occassional Chairs

A beautiful Pair of Occassional Chairs

βšͺ️ One of the most popular sale items here are Mirrors and Mirrors when you think about it are in almost every room in the house🏠. But it’s finding the right piece for the right purpose. Hall or Landing Mirrors often are often there for a dual purpose often these areas are small and maybe a little dark having a mirror in this area doubles the light exposure and adds a little more brightness while making the space feel bigger, and these are the areas that everyone uses to check we are looking our best before leaving the house!!. The Living area is another place you will nearly always fine a mirror usually over the fire Mantle then there is the Bathroom and of course the Bedroom. So here are just a few the Mirrors that we have in stock at the moment… βšͺοΈπŸ˜€

French mantle Mirror

French Pillared Over Mantle Mahogany Mirror

Ladies Powder  mirror

A Beautiful Edwardian Ladies Powder Mirror

Vintage Ladies Makeup Mirror

This is a Fabulous Vintage Ladies Makeup Mirror


A BeautifulVintage Walnut Framed Mirror

A  Victorian Gents Shaving Mirror

A Victorian Gents Shaving Mirror

A Vintage Hall , Landing or Bedroom Mirror

A Vintage Hall , Landing or Bedroom Mirror

A Victorian Ladies Powder Mirror

This is a Lovely Victorian Ladies pPowder Mirror

This is a Beautiful Mahogany  Hall, Landing or Bedroom  Mirror

This is a Beautiful Mahogany Hall, Landing or Bedroom Mirror

an Edwardian Gents Shaving Mirror

an Edwardian Mahogany Gents Shaving Mirror

Over Mantle Mirror

A Large Vintage Pine Framed Over Mantle Mirror

A Pair of Art Deco Clothes Brushs

A Pair of Art Deco Clothes Brushs

A Victorian Mirror

A beautiful Victorian Solid Pine Frame with Bevelled Mirror


So the sun β˜€οΈhas been out and the wee ones are on holidays so you are all heading for the beach. We do like to cater for all the family so for the Kiddies we tried around for Vintage pieces but there was very little in good order and what we could find was to over priced and out of our league. So
we went for wooden pieces or as with our Buckets, Shovels and Watering Cans wooden and metal pieces.  Along with our Buckets and Shovels we also have some games such as ludo and twiddlingwinks and some Duck and Frog Skittles, some handmade Teddies and Rag-Dolls and for the wee man that likes his man tools we have
lovely wooden Tool set on a belt. We also have some Hobby Horses and fishing nets so all the Toys that sparks their imagination. πŸ˜€


Buying gifts for family & friends can sometimes be a minefield and while it is great to find that great piece you know they are really going to love how often does that happen ? Well if I can make a suggestion I would advice if it’s a store that you know they love why not just purchase a gift voucher that way you really can’t go wrong, I would personally would rather do that then to have them feel they can’t return something that they feel isn’t quite right for them. And here at Shabby Shik Emporium as it is a gift card, for every €50 bought we will give the costumer a loyalty card worth €5 so you receive a gift too. It’s always nice to get something back and we believe in giving back for the loyalty all of our customers have shown us.

These are just some of next months in coming pieces so be sure and let us know if there is something here that you have been searching for or always let us know if there is something in particular you are looking for so we can do the hard work for you…  



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