It’s a never ending story !!!

So we’re Still learning every day from the smallest piece up to our greatest pieces…

Do you ever walk in to someone’s home and go wow what I wouldn’t give from a room like that ? Well I do all the time and I often wonder what it is that gives a room that wow factor without breaking the bank, and I have firmly come to the conclusion that a room doesn’t have to be full of wonderful things to make it a success, know all it needs is one beautiful, unusual or even statement piece to give it the wow factor. πŸ˜€
Let’s say you have a lot of dark wood well then make your wow piece a bright shabby chic piece or reverse the state of play and add a dark piece to a room full of brighter pieces. A large piece of glass or ceramic art on a side table or even a large ornate mirror.
My advise for a large room would be to work with 2 pieces from the above on opposite sides of the room.
I love a lamp rather then the glare of over head lighting but I prefer where possible lamps that are not overly ornate as they are less likely to date.
In a living room I like to mix leather with fabrics with either one leather and two fabric sofa’s or the opposite just as long as the colours blend. A study with a day-bed is always good, again go for one piece that will add richness. Here I would suggest your main piece will be either the day-bed or your study/work desk. Let’s say you have a Victorian Davenport with a single davan with a bright patchwork or kantha and some rich coloured cussions and throws, and if you don’t have a book case just use bookends or add some shelves