On The Last Leg But Only When I Laugh

Well the day is fast approaching and our nerves are a little shattered right now, I’m washed out with the bath water even before we begin. πŸ™‚

This week was just as crazy after having the paint work done last weekend in the kitchen the tiler arrived on Monday morning to replace 6 tiles just inside the patio doors. I heard a lot hammering and banging of the chisel and so I stayed out of the way. I was checking on suppliers of items I will tell you about at another stage.
Anyway I decided eventually to show my face in the kitchen and oh good holy mother of god was I sorry I did. It was like if a bomb had exploded the dust was still falling and the air was so bloody well thick I could taste it down in my tores. And to make matters worse there were my lovely new painted walls splattered with concrete. Every single thing in the room was just covered in inches upon inches of dust. Let me tell you there were tears lots of them mingling with the tick dust and probably a few F’s too. Sorry I can’t remember I was too distracted by the the clouds around me. πŸ™‚ It seems the reason the tiles cracked not that I really cared to know, was because the heating pipes were just laying below the surface and they had little or no support so that all had to be replaced too and 4 more tiles added to the lot and another bucket of tears along with the cash from my back pocket. ;(

Tuesday and the carpenter was back to line the walls inside the log Cabinet πŸ™‚ as it is now known and I left him to it, what can I say how stupid of me, had I not learned anything in the last few week, well obviously not!
Because when I finally did get in to the cabin it seems Mondays bomb sight had joined itself onto Wednesday. I had left furniture cover cloths but it seems they were looking too good a pile sitting in the corner to be approached. All the units I had just finished French polishing were thick with layers of saw dust. All I can say is the f word was abused to hilt and I didn’t care who heard me. I know they think I lost the plot well I did really, along time ago way before a log cabin was even heard of but that was no help to me I still had to face it all again. So I busted some dust that night while crying and lamenting that that was the last fecking carpenter I was letting inside my door πŸ™‚

And just as I’m leaving the cabin the painter arrives to tell me his young man would be on in the morning about 8am to power hose the house before painting of the outside in a couple of weeks.
And yes at 8am in the morning the young man arrives and sets to work and I think great that will all be done by lunch time. Because I have a delivery of stock coming in and the place will have dried up nicely. At some stage that morning the young man had taken off, it seems the power washer ran out of petrol and while he is gone I get a call from a courier service to say they have a package and they would be on shortly so I head up and open the front door only to find the power washer man had left a ladder right across the stone drive and anyone driving in would hardly see it, so I say another feck, Fr Jack would be proud.
Well I was like a cat on a hot tin roof I can tell you there was no way I would be able to manage myself in the wheelchair across the stones and even if I could I’d never manage to lift the ladder. There were some f words used here to I’m sad to say (what’s that one you see on Facebook , my moms gotta a potty mouth πŸ™‚ me big time. And of course the one time I leave the front door to turn the kettle on I hear the screech of breaks crunching on the stones and I am so mortified having to face the man and apologise, you can visibly see the man is shaking and I can almost see the words coming out of his mouth as to what kind of an idiot left a ladder in the middle of the driveway and with the power washer man missing I thought it best to keep my mouth shut and smiled nicely and hiked it back inside to lock the bloody door.

So we are well after 2pm and the power washer man continues and less then a half an hour later my delivery arrives as do gale-force winds. And in the middle of the two men bringing in a huge mahogany unit, that by the way which I have no recall on ordering my power washer man strikes again. Now I have to say the scene was like something from the carry on movies πŸ™‚ power washer man is coming from the side of the house and delivery men from the back towards the cabinet when he hits the first guy carrying then the until then the second guy carrying and the two are there trying their dame hardest to keep standing and hold on to the unit at the same time. And there I am screaming at the power washer man to cut the power and it’s only then do I realise he has his phone to his ear and he isn’t even watching what he is doing, looking totally in opposite direction.
The f n so and so could have killed someone, then he turns around and looks at me and says sorry about that I was on the phone as if I couldn’t see that for myself. I really thought the big guys where going to punch him.

To keep the peace with the delivery men I said lads come in and I’ll get a few towels and I’ll make a cupa, I hadn’t the words out of my mouth when power washer man says, I’ll just finish off here so Love ( just so it be known I hate to be called Love by guys I am not familiar with especially younger ones) and I’ll have 2 sugars in mine he finishes with.
That’s it that’s when the plot was really lost well did I rant and rave about his stupidity and at the end of it all he says, well theirs no need to get your nickers in a twist. I could see one of the delivery man was getting really pee’d off so I rolled my wheelchair in front of him to stop him from catching the power washer man by the throat and throttling him. I got the two lads inside and slammed the patio door. πŸ™‚

But all day Friday I could hardly breath waiting for next disaster to strike but thank heavens god must have thought he gave me enough grey hairs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to keep me going…
I don’t remember much of Saturday and Sunday I was to wiped out to do much more then try sleep of course the repeating nightmare of power washer man didn’t help much.
So that’s it for this week folks please pray that this coming week
is better I don’t think I could be doing with that drama every week.










The Ups And Down’s

Well here we are again ready to start another week. But that’s next weeks story isn’t it so let’s see the ups and downs of this week. Well let’s see the Carpenter was back on the job and he worked through all weathers while I watched and prayed he didn’t get electrocuted every time he cut a piece of timber on the saw bench. πŸ™‚
I have to say I couldn’t recommend the man highly enough. He has done an outstanding (mostly in the rain:-) job, truly fantastic. I can now for the first time in two and a half years wheel myself outside all by myself and down not one but two ramps made perfectly for me, that means I can now run away from home!!!

Next on the seen we had the electrician who gave a full days work wiring the Log Cabinet (as my 6 year old Neigbhour likes to call it πŸ™‚ then down to the workshop to wire a job we intended doing when we moved in but I suppose better late then never.

As the Carpenter came to a close on the decking the painter arrived to tell me actually he had fitted me in to have the rooms I wanted doing inside the house on Saturday. I looked at the man and I looked around at all the furniture and thought where the feck am I going to put it all. πŸ™‚
But the man insisted it was no problem and he would be on at 8:30 on the Saturday morning, I said ok but thought he has got to be kidding me, you can’t swing a cat in here. No sorry we’re not cat swingers honestly :-).
Anyway Thursday evening came around and the sun was settling in and Mick the carpenter was getting his gear together to lock up for the night and just as he pick up the saw from the work bench the wind got up and the saw dust got me right in the eyes:-)
Oh dear lord the pain I bought three different creams two different eye washes. I used cool boiled water everything an anything you name it I bought it. πŸ™‚
The pain nearly drove me insane, Ok I admit I have been at the insane point for a while, !!! but now I felt even more insane. Whether my eyes were opened or closed it feel like someone was scratching them from the inside out. I know I’m never with out an arse or an elbow am I ;( what can I say!!! ❀ xx

So Saturday morning arrived as did the painter Pat, and I not having had a wink of sleep headed for the next best place to bed down the couch of course. πŸ™‚ Where I finally fell into a dead sleep I say dead because it seems my husband tried to wake me several times to ask about the paint etc, and I was unresponsive:-) Of course I don't believe a bit of it.
By the time I was finished my beauty sleep painter Pat was just finishing off and was in the tidy up stage and you know what he is a great man. πŸ™‚ He moved all the furniture and covered everything completely and then put everything back where it came from, by that I mean all the other furniture belonging to the Shabby Shik Emporium Log Cabinet!!! πŸ˜‰ that we can't move out first off until carpenter Mick puts up the sheeting inside and then ready for painting.
Oh holy god another job needing doing well the lassies better get the backsides in motion and get down here and give mother a hand other wise we will never be sorted. πŸ™‚ ❀

Ok let's see what goodies arrived this week, well there is the beautiful hand printed scarves and hand bags. Jewellery from both Carol Shaw And Trinkets jewellery designers. Oh Yes and the beautiful rocking horse it really would be the most fantastic gift for any child. I just ❀ it and so will you too when you see it.
We also found some really cool buckets, Spades and skittle sets for the beach and the rag dolls too of course. We are also still waiting on the arrival of our silk wraps so I am hoping that they should arrive this coming week fingers crossed.

It's that time of year again graduation time and my little tall lady is graduating from her Music and Music performance course on Wednesday evening. She also received her exams result in which we wish her the very best. She has worked so hard for this in the last 2 years this has to be her year. Regardless of the outcome we love her very much and are very proud of her, she put her heart and soul into this course and she made some wonderful friends and whatever road she wishes to pursue after, we'll be there supporting her a long the way with love ❀ and encouragement always :-).
Now I think I better settle the head down and sleep for a while and then let's see what tomorrow brings πŸ™‚ here are a few pic's of what we gathered for the store this week. πŸ™‚

Also remember you can find us on our Facebook page Shabby Shik Emporium







Almost There :-)

Well what a week the decking is well underway but needless to say every time Mick steps out of the Van the rain comes down, but to be fair he just ignores it and carries on. The other thing I realised was Mick’s vision of the decking and mine don’t quite match up. Now he’s work is perfect I would highly recommend him to anyone. It’s just when we spoke about the design I had a slightly different design structure in my head then his. I could stage River Dance here now no problem! without the dancing maggot of course. πŸ™‚ we wouldn’t have enough wings to our place for me-hall !!!

So after I stopped admiring the decking I decided I better throw a shape and actually do a bit of work. So I was delighted with myself when I found some beautiful vintage handbags and some very pretty hand printed scarves.
Then I found some beautiful silk evening wraps the colours are only gorgeous the ideal travel companion and very reasonably priced to ladies.
Then I thought in the middle of all my silk why not buy a horse πŸ™‚ well incase you didn’t know it ladies silks and horse’s go together πŸ™‚ so I did.
He’s a real beauty wait until you see him I bet you’ll all want to get your hands on him < I was going to say something else but I decided to save you from your own smutty minds!!!

Then I got down to the very serious job of sanding, waxing, polishing, the little Chinese guy in that film (what's it called again?) would have be proud of me. Polish on polish off πŸ™‚ sadly the changes of me flinging anyone over my shoulder is nil, unless we were both roaring drunk and let's face it that's never going to happen, the flinging someone over my shoulder I mean.

So I have two beautiful Victorian side tables one mahogany and the other is Victorian pine, one lovely pedestal round breakfast table and a fabulous Georgian Pembrook table all up and ready for road.
So you see I haven't really been lazing around this week oh yes I almost forgot. We found great buckets and shovels the most adorable cute ones and watering cans to match your kiddies will be in their element at the beach. And sure it wouldn't be the same without a rag doll in the mist of of all our Antique and Vintage oh and there is lots more!
But you know what ? You are just going to have to come see it all for yourselves.
So get your skates ready for the June bank holiday weekend and beat a path to our door.

I promise we are the people that will put a WoW in your world < all said in my best American car salesman accent!!!
No offence to my American friends but your car sales men are gas πŸ™‚ !!!

Ok ladies and gents until next week cheerio xx








Disappointments and Excitements :-)

So I decided to tackle the box’s of some of our beautiful Ceramic’s only to find that some were not in the condition we were lead to believe, it’s very disappointing to say the least.
I know we really should have done this the day these box’s were delivered, but the house is so chock a block at the minute it was impossible to bring everything inside. Until the continuing works on the new decking is in place I can’t get in or out of the house without help with the wheelchair. So it is making the situation a bit difficult when delivery’s arrive you just have to get them set down on any available space and sometimes that’s way out of my reach.

But aside from that we’ve had a very exciting week. πŸ™‚
I spoke with two of our Jewellery designers who are coming on board. πŸ™‚
First up was Carol Shaw Jewellery designer such a lovely lady.
Carol is a member of the Irish Crafts Association and she does some amazing work, her wedding designs have won her the jewellery designer of the year award. Carol does some beautiful wedding jewellery wear for the bride and mother of the brides, her pieces are just so elegantly fabulous. Carol also does beautiful wedding jewelled head combs and of course some pieces for brides-maids too. Her occasional wear is ready to wear for night or day you can’t wrong πŸ™‚

We are also very excited to have a great range coming in for the younger set. With designs from Magda at Trinkets Jewellery Designs. Magda’s designs are fast becoming popular she definitely has the edge on the what is wanted from today’s young ladies.
Like Carols pieces most of Magda’s pieces are a one off which makes each piece very special indeed. Magda’s set pieces are fantastic value and she has a really beautiful range for teenagers that are guaranteed not to break the bank or mum’s pocket, you can be sure no one will have anything quite like your piece’s ladies. πŸ™‚

We also decided to have a little something for the little ones.
But believe it or not its difficult enough to pick up suitable Vintage pieces, and the ones that are suitable cost the earth.
We have a beautiful 1950’s Eds the Teddy Bear he stands at 18in high with moveable legs and arms. He is in great condition but I think maybe some people were a little shocked with the price, but these pieces are collectors items and don’t ever come cheap that’s the reason they are still around today, they were made to last a life time.

So we decide to look in to buying a few new toys with a good earthy feel to them, again we wanted something Irish and made of wood, believe if or not trying to combine the two was a bit difficult. So we picked up some beautiful Wooden Toys that we hope are pieces that will cover a good age range and hopefully last a lifetime. πŸ™‚

Then for the ladies of the house we thought ok, so there are only two things a woman really wants most and that’s either shoes or handbags so we went with the handbags, Tee’s handbags to be exact. And we promise not to break the money bank here either on price. πŸ™‚ We went with some beautiful tote bags in all the summer shades light & dark Pinks, they also come in Blue, Red, Black, Green and turquoise. We know you are just going to love them…

So as you can see this week has been busy business shopping we just hope we have something to cover all the family here. “!”

In the middle of all of this our Decking man arrived and he put in the posts to set over the weekend. So as of Tuesday it will be full steam ahead well that’s the story I keep telling myself let’s hope the rain stay’s away.:-)

Well that’s it I’m off to my bed to hibernate for a couple of days hopefully when I awake the magic will have happened and I will be as happy as a princess.
Ya what are changes! Ok I’ll dream on…

I hope you all have had a lovely May holiday weekend and I’ll catch up with you again after hibernation πŸ™‚

Do have a look at the pic’s of some of our deliveries due in this week πŸ™‚ ❀

Cheerio J…